Zebra DS3600

ULTRA rugged handheld scanner

3608 corded

3678 cord less

Ideal for harsh environments

2 sealings rate : IP65 & IP67

Up to 21m reading distance

Drop test 2.4m

[DS3678-ER2F003VZWW ] DS3678-ER area imager black/green, BT
[DS3678-ER3U42A2SVW] DS3678-ER, BT, 2D, ER, multi-IF, FIPS, USB kit, black, green
[DS3678-HP2F003VZWW] DS3678-HP 2D High performance scanner BT, FIPS, black/green
[DS3678-SR3U42A0SFW] DS3678-SR, BT, 2D, SR, multi-IF, FIPS, kit (USB), black, green
[WT63B0-TS0QNERW] WT6300 Android, USB, BT, Wifi
[DS3608-HP20003VZWW] DS3608 2D high performance scanner, multi-IF, black/green
[DS3608-­HP3U4602VZW] DS3608­HP USB KIT incl. DS3608­HP20003VZWW & USB cable CBA-U46-S07ZAR
[CBL-DC-451A1-01] DS3678 DC line cord
[BTRY-36IAB0E-00] Spare battery for DS3600 Series, LS3600 Series, LI3600 Series
[STB3678-C100F3WW] Charging and communication cradle for DS3678