[AT-CAE808] Back strap for E8
[210120003] EF501R - Wearable Trigger Ring Kit
[CREC-700] PM80 - Vehicle cradle Pro (charging only)
[90392-0003] Lid cover with lock for 460EUMOD
[AH3220UA] TB85 rotatable hand-strap V1.0 (will not fit in Vehicle Cradle, 5000-085001G Vehicle cradle)
[APR-T0034A] Power adaptor wall mount 12V 0.5A
[C277-TCS-720] Rotative forearm holder for Cipherlab RS35
[AT-CAE809] Shoulder strap for small tablets and terminals
[PP-EFT38-05306-9005] EFT holder 38 mm, plastic hinge, Universal, RAL9005
[RAM-B-201U] Double Socket Arm
[R37901501] Platen Roller for CL4NX
[CAB-456] CAB 456 RS232-cable, coiled
[90A052065] USB Cable Type A, enhanced, straight, 2m, Poweroff terminal
[WWCL05082] Internal WLAN interface for CL4NX 802.11a/b/g/n
[P070700X01512] Red window for CPT8001 laser
[TGCS4611-1376] 4611-1376 Filler Touchpad Pad/Pointer Iron Gray
[4POS-307.1011] MxM-315 Cable Cover glossy black for M367TB/PB
[4POS-140.1013] PCK-41 III , Insert, 5 notes + 8 coins
11/9/2020 If order less than 25pcs, please add tooling costs to the costs
[BIXOCARE-M-IND-2-2Y] Bixocare 2Y warranty ext. on SLP XT5 600 DPI