[90A052292] Connection cable, USB, type A, 4.5 m
[90ACC1885] Power cord, Euro-plug, 2 pin (EU)
[PP-A4538-07107-9005] Desc Arm 150 mm, 45mm-38mm, fix, NT, Kl
[AT-E5SL00000 ] E5SL Android 9, 4Gb RAM, 64Gb Flash, BT, Wifi, camera, 4G LTE, GPS, NFC, GMS (without scanner)
[TGCS4611-2110] 4611-2110 10.1 inch Non-Touch Display
[98-0530030-00LF] TX-slot in BT module - (dealer option)*TX printer slot-in supports only one module at a time, Wi-Fi or BT
[KBCENT1X00501] RK95 Battery Module 3000mAh
[CRA-MB7] Code Reader Accessory for CR2700 - Monitor Mount Bracket for Inductive Charging Station
[RSP-75-24] Meanwell PSU 75 Watt, 24 Volt
[AT-CAE1211B ] E12 Cherrytrail vehicle dock with key lock, Ethernet, DC jack 5V, 2 USB, RS232 DB9, fixation kit ti pinch
[SPA-FLY-350-019] POS350 spare PSU 19V 120W mini 3P DC jack 4P w. lock
[PP-SC38-08261-9005 – Scanner ] end top mount Mg3450i plate, color black
[PP-EFT38-06578-9005 – Yomani] EFT holder for 38 mm, metal hinge, for Yomani XR/TM
[PP-A4538-03892-9005 – 350mm Arm] Arm 350 mm, 45mm-38mm, fix, NT, Kl
[PP-V45-06657-9005 – VESA] VESA 75/100, side long,friction hinge, for 45 mm, black color
[PP-B45-04520-9005 – Base pole] Base Pole 45 mm, dc, 500 mm length, black color
11/9/2020 If order less than 25pcs, please add tooling costs to the costs
[KBRK250X00501] Rechargeable Li-on Battery 3.6V, 3000mAh for RK25 UHF RFID Reader
[CREC-306] Rugged Active Vehicle Cradle for CN70 / CN70e / CN75 / CN75e
[CHG-TC7X-CBL1-01] Zebra Charging cable Snaps onto the bottom of TC70, allowing the users to charge their TC70 while another accessory is attached
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