Point Mobile PM90

5" Rugged PDA

Android 11

Fast Wifi Roaming

Integrated 2D Barcode Scanner/ Magnet Stripe Reader

Performance: Qualcomm snapdragon 2.2GHz Octa Core CPU
Data capture: 1D/2D Barcode Scanner, 13 MP Camera, NFC

Connectivity: 4G LTE / Bluetooth, / WLAN / PTT

Ruggedness: IP67 / 1.5 m droptest 

[712170] PM90 vehicle cradle with cigarette plug
[DT3680A] Lederen Holster incl. beltclip (EF500R/PM80/PM85/PM90/PM66/SM15)
[DT3710] Lederen Holster incl. kunststofdriehoek voor gebruik met Pistol Grip (EF500R/PM80/PM85/PM90/SM15)
[DT3710A] Lederen Holster incl. beltclip voor gebruik met Pistol Grip (EF500R/PM80/PM85/PM90/SM15)
[PM90-SHEC0] PM90 - 1 Slot HDMI Ethernet Cradle (incl. Power Adaptor)
[PM90-4SC0-2] PM90 - 4 Slot Charging Cradle (incl. Power Adaptor)
[G01-010699] PM90 - Adapter Plug (EU)
[G01-011522] PM90 - EXT Battery Cover
[PM90-TRGR] PM90 - Pistol Grip (STD/ETX Bat)
[85-BTEC] Point Mobile - EXT battery 5800mAh (PM75/PM85/PM90)
[CREC-706] PM90 - Active vehicle cradle
[G01-010695] PM90 - Power Supply 5B 2A
[G01-011521] PM90 - STD Battery Cover
[RF900-00RY-2] PM90 - UHF Gun
[G01-011586] PM90 - USB C cable 3.0
[85-BTSC] Point Mobile - STD battery 2900mAh (PM75/PM85/PM90)
[PM90-SSC0] PM90 - 1 Slot Charging Cradle (incl. Power Adaptor)
[PM90-SEC0] PM90 - 1 Slot Ethernet Charging Cradle (incl. Power Adaptor)
[G01-009774] PM80/PM90 - Wrist Strap w/ tether
[G01-009773] PM80/PM90 - Capacitive Stylus Pen and Tether (1 pcs - MOQ 10 pcs)