Toshiba POS TCX800

Retail POS system

Fully configurable point-of-sale system, kiosk, or self-service unit

Flexible display design seamlessly shifts from 90 degrees to flat

Three possible multi-touch screen sizes 15" wide 15.6" or wide 18.6"

With anti-glare protection

Remote system access monitors device for peak efficiency

[FR-6200E0C-003] 6200-E0C (Incl : 1921-2405-4107-7016-7455-8225) - 443602
6200-E0C : TCx 800 E0C 15" (4:3) Pcap, Intel Celeron
FC1921 - Together Ports- RS232 mix
FC2405 - RS232 Cable - .75M - 9pin to RJ-45
FC2901 - High Voltage
FC4107 - Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC 64bit value
FC7016 - 8G Memory DDR4
FC7455 - 128GB SSD
FC8225 - Counter top stand
Power Adapter
Power Cord, 4.3M
Warranty and Safety