[SP320-0N50UMTG] SP320 3" Bluetooth mobile thermal and label printer. Comes with battery, USB charging cable, power adapter (EU plug) and belt clip.
[PBP-R200_V2/STD] SPPR200III battery pack (outer contacts)
[CRT-B59-DL200-XXX] Card hopper with lock, the capacity 200pcs
[CBA-U46-S07ZAR.] Connection cable, USB, shielded, length: 2 m, straight
[I-508CI] FT100 spare lid cover w. 2 keys
[H05VV-F] H05VV-F 3G, 230V/10A, 5M cable
[01890-300] Paper Low Sensor w. 300mm cable for TTP 2100, TTP2000
[AT-CAE5501] E55 desktop cradle charge device and spare battery, USB com
[TGCS4611-1370] 4611-1370 Filler MSR Iron Gray
[TGCS4611-5910] 4611-5910 Distributed Character Display
[98-0420014-10LF] MEx40 cutter module assembly
[27390] MX T 19 2100 CN15 TM Vertical Keycap 2x1
[25804] TM MUK USB Keyboard Controller
[AT-CAE5507] E55 bumper (not compatible with pistol grip, ans need to be removed to insert E55 on cradles
[CAB-434] CAB 434 RS232 PWR 9P Female coiled
[AT-CAE5506] E55 pistol grip
[26540] MX T 19 1200 CN15 TM Horizontal Keycap 1x2
[HLD-G040-BK] Desk/wall holder G040 Black for Gryphon GD41xx
[TGCS4611-4525] 4611-4525 RJ11 to SDL Cash Dr Cable 3.8M -Black