Bixolon SPP-R Series

2" 3" & 4" light mobile printer

Economical mobile printer printing at speeds up to 100mm / second (receipt) at 203 dpi high print resolution

Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / USB / Serial connectivity – compatible with Apple iOS™, Android™ Symbian™ & Windows® operating systems

Dual mode: receipt printing / label printing (simple to switch via the feed button)

Supporting Easy Bluetooth Pairing™ via embedded NFC tagging, enabling auto pairing

Apple MFi certified, pairing with iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch® (Auto-switchable from iOS mode to standard Bluetooth mode)

Optional model for liner-free label printing (80mm/sec t 203dpi)

Compact, robust, 228g lightweight printer

2.1m drop rate (1.5m drop rate for MSR model), water and dust resistant IP43 (printer only) / IP54 (with protective case)

Supports continuous printing – 10 rolls 40mm diameter (total 145m) once fully charged

Optional Integrated MSR card reader

Long lasting battery life

[PQC-R200/STD] SPPR200/200v2 quad battery charger w. PSU & powercord
[PBP-R200/STD] SPPR200 battery pack standard (inner contacts)
[PBD-R200II/STD] SPPR200II/210 battery cradle, w/o powercord
[PIC-R300U/STD] SPPR200III/310/410 USB cable (all mobile printers)
[PBP-R200_V2/STD] SPPR200III battery pack (outer contacts)
[PLC-R200_V3/STD] SPPR200III leather case
[PBP-R300/STD] SPPR310 battery pack
[PVH-R310/STD] SPPR310/L310 vehicle holder w. suction mount
[PLC-R310/STD] SPPR310 leather case
[PPC-R310/STD] SPPR310 protective case
[PCC-1000/STD] SPPR200/210/310/410/L310/L410 cigarette lighter charger
[PBD-R300] SINGLE BATTERY CRADLE; (for SPP-R300,R400,R400II,R310,L310,R410,L410,L3000,XM7-20,XM7-40) Notice) PBC-1000 (BATTERY CHARGER) and POWER CORD not included.
[PQC-R300] QUAD BATTERY CHARGER; STD (for SPP-R300,R400,R400II,R310,L310,R410,L410,L3000,XM7-20,XM7-40)Notice) AD/DC Adapter, POWER CORD included
[PQD-R200II/STD] SPPR200II quad printer docking w. PSU & powercord
[PBL-R210/STD] SPPR200III/R210/R210C/R310 belt clip, (box of 10pcs)
[PSS-R200/STD] SPPR200III/R210/R300/R310/R400 shoulder strap
[PSD-R200III/STD] SPPR200III single printer docking station w/o PSU & powercord (for PBP-R200_v2STD only)
[PVH-R200P1] SPPR200III vehicle cradle (no mount arm)
[PQC-R300/STD] SPPR300/R310/R400/R410/L310/L410/L3000 quad battery charger, w. PSU & powercord
[PBD-R300/STD] SPPR300/R400/R400II/R310/L310/R410/L410/L3000 battery cradle, w/o powercord