PaceBlade LDT-101

10'' In-Vehicle Terminal

Android 12 (with or without GMS)

Desktop/Vehicle cradle kit

UN ECE R10.06 certified

Many interfaces on cradle such as RJ45, several USB ports, RS-232 etc.

Dialer / RJ45 / Canbus / M12 / Front NFC / Fixed audio/in out / MDM

Performance: 2.0 GHz Octa Core CPU

Data capture: 16MP Camera, NFC, Barcode Scanner

Connectivity: 4G LTE / Bluetooth / WLAN

Ruggedness: IP67 / 1.2m droptest

[LDT-101P] LDT-101+ w/ 10''/4G/WiFi/BT/CAM/GPS/Dialer/Android 12 incl. 2-in-1 full feature cradle (1x RJ45, 2x USB A, 1x USB C), cradle cable (1x GPIO, 2x RS232, 1x RS485), extension cable, home adapter, Screw Mount Long Arm, USB cable, Metal clip for fixating the cradle cabling, Handstrap
[LDT-101-CEC] LDT-101 - Charging cradle cable + extension cable for installation in vehicles (2x RS232, 1x RS485, 4x GPIO)
[PB-SUM] PaceBlade - Suction Mount type short
[PB-SCM] PaceBlade - Metal Screw Mount short type round base
[CRD101-FF] LDT-101 - 2-in-1 Full Feature Cradle (1x, RJ45, 2x USB OTG, 1x USB C)
[CRD101-BS] LDT-101 - Basic Vehicle Cradle (1x RS232, 1x OTG and vehicle vcc 12-24V)
[PB-SCM2] PaceBlade - Metal Screw Mount middle length type round base
[PB-SUM2] PaceBlade - Suction Mount Double Cup
[PB-101-CML] PaceBlade LDT-101 Metal lock for cable and avoid shaking
[PB-101-SP] PaceBlade LDT-101 Capacitive Stylus Pen
[MDT-LDT-X01-LOR] LDT-101/MDT-801 - Lora Module for temperature sensor
[MDT-LDT-X01-CAB-EX-HUB] LDT-101/MDT-801 - Cradle extension cable to connect to Camera Hub HH420/421
[MDT-LDT-X01-MCC] LDT-101/MDT-801 - Car Charger (Cigarette lighter) with molex connector
[LDT-101-SHS] LDT-101 - Shoulder Strap
[PB-CAM-HUB] PaceBlade - Camera Hub HH421 (hub only, without HDD and camera)
[PB-CAM-HDD] PaceBlade - 2.5'' HDD 1TB WD Black for Camera Hub
[PB-CAM-1080] PaceBlade - AHD 1080p Camera (incl. 15 meter cable)
[PB-CAM-720] PaceBlade - 720p Camera (incl. 15 meter cable)
[PB-CAM-KIT1] PaceBlade - Camera Kit (4x AHD 1080p Camera, Camera Hub HH421, 2.5'' HDD 1TB + cradle cable)
[LDT-101-ACCBOX] LDT-101 - Accessory Box (cradle, cabling, extension cable, home adapter, screw mount long arm, metal clip for fixation, handstrap)