Unitech EA510

5.7" Mobile Computer

Excellent WiFi connectivity

All-in-one function: 2D Imager, HF/NFC and 13MP camera

Android 9 with GMS, Google Enterprise Device certified

Finger print reader for secured access


UHF reader in option

Dual-Band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth® 4.2 low energy

EA510HC: Healthcare anti-microbial coating

[EA510-WELFUMBG] EA510 Android 9, GMS, 4G (voice and data), WiFi, BT, 4GB/64GB, N6703 2D imager
[EA510-MELFUMDG] EA510 HC Healthcare, A9e, 2D/4G, 4300mAh
[5000-51C012G] EA510 4-slot battery charging unit (white)
[1550-51C002G] Power cord for 1010-510C005G, EU plug
[1010-51C003G] PSU EU for EA510 1-slot charging cradle
[5000-51C001G] EA510, 1-slot charging and battery cradle
[5000-51C006G] EA510 4-slot battery charing unit. (w/o PSU)
[5000-51C002G] EA510 5-slot terminal charging cradle. Compatible with or without gun grip (w/o PSU)
[5000-51C004G] EA510 Active car kit / vehicle cradle (43800611 CREC-611)
[5000-51C013G] EA510 HC 5-slot terminal charging cradle (white)
[401X01] Screen Protector for EA510
[1010-51C005G] Power adapter for all Multi-slot cradles
[1400-51C001G] EA510 Battery pack, 3.85V, 4300mAH
[5500-51C001G] EA510 Gun-grip with trigger. Compatible with the cradles: 5000-51C001G, 5000-51C002G and 5000-51C003G
[3210-51C001G] EA510 Hand strap kit
[5000-51C011G] EA510 HC 1-slot white cradle
[UNITCARE-EA510-EM3] Unitcare Emerald for EA510 3 years