Unitech PA760

5.4" rugged mobile computer

Split Screen function

Android 9

Advanced 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core CPU (2.2GHz) with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM

Google Certification : Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS ) / Google Mobile Service

Leading 4G dual SIM card

Support Bluetooth® 5, WLAN: WIFI MIMO Dual Bands with fast roaming & WWAN: 2G/3G/4G LTE with full bands

[PA760-WALFUMBG] PA760, Android 9, slim, 1.5 drop specification, 2D, 4G, 4000mAh battery
[5500-900064G] RG760 UHF gun grip EU ANT for PA760 with bumper.<br />Standard package includes RG760, hand strap & ALN-9654 RFID Tags.
[5000-900058G] PA760 1-slot charging cradle with PSU US/UK/EU adapter
[5000-900059G] PA760 1-Slot ethernet/USB host cradle with PSU US/UK/EU adapter
[5500-900065G] PA760 2D Long-Range Gun Grip
[401434G] PA760 9H glass screen protector
[1400-900053G] PA760 Battery, 3.8V 6000mAH (battery with cover in one piece)
[5500-900062G] PA760 standard Gun Grip, PA760 with bumper
[384896G] Stylus, with clip and hole
[UNITCARE-PA760-EM5] PA760 Emerald-5 year
[UNITCARE-PA760-EM3] PA760 Emerald-3 year