Single/dual side card printer

Dye-sublimation / resin thermal transfer

300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm) continuous tone

Different ribbon options according to printing intensity

Very fast printing process

Hopper 100 cards (.030˝ / .762 mm)   200 in options

[050000] DTC1250e Single side Base Model USB
[050120] DTC1250e Dual side Base Model Ethernet
[050006] DTC1250e Single side printer w/ Mifare Desfire contact encod
[050100] DTC1250e Dual side Base Model USB
[050106] DTC1250e Dual side Color printer and smart card encoder
[050110] DTC1250e Dual side Model USB Magstripe encoder
[045102] EZ Black Cartridge w/Cleaning Roller 1000 images DTC1250E/C5
[045000] EZ YMCKO Cartridge w/ Cleaning Roller 250 images DTC1250E
[045010] EZ YMCKOK Cartridge w/ Cleaning Roller 200 images DTC1250E/C
[086131] Kit 50 cartes de nettoyage (double face)