Unitech EA660

With its sophisticated Android 13 operating system and cutting-edge 5G/WLAN 6E wireless communication capabilities, the EA660 presents a solution for industries like retail, hospitality, warehousing, and healthcare.

This device ensures real-time data collection, a smooth working experience, and improved efficiency in stock management.

- Android 13 OS w/ GMS & AER certification

- Wireless communication: 5G, WLAN 6E

- 2D imager, NFC, front & rear cameras

- IP65 Rated, 1.5M drop test

- Up to 10M (optional) reading distance

- Long lasting 5000mAh removable battery

[EA660-NANFUM3G] EA660 WIFI + 5G + 2D Engine: Android 13, GSM & AER, 2D (SE4710), 6G/128GB, 5G, WLAN 6E, 2x2 MU-MIMO, Bluetooth 5.2, 1.5m drop, IP67, including 5000mAh battery and USB 3.0 type C cable. *Optional: Hand strap and Quick Charge 3.0 power adapter
[5400-900062G] EA660 9H Glass screen protector (Pack - 10pcs)
[3210-900040G] EA660 Boot Case