Unitech HT330

HT330 has been upgraded to the latest Android 12 OS system with GMS certification providing an intuitive and friendly interface to manage data effectively on a 4-inch screen.


Android 12 OS with GMS certified

Ergonomic one-handed operation

Durable keypad with backlight: 32 keys with 2.5 million lifetime clicks

5200mAh battery for 20 hours of operation

1.5M drop-resistant housing (1.8M with bumper)

IP67 protection against water and dust

Support Bluetooth® 5.0

Support MDM software and utilities such as MoboLink, SOTI, AirWatch, and 42Gears.

[HT330-NAL2UM3G] HT330,Android 12 with GMS, 3GB RAM/32GB ROM, 32-key, 2D Imager, WLAN, 4G/LTE, 5200mAH
[5000-900099G] HT330 1-slot USB cradle with spare battery slot (with Power Adapter)
[401639G] HT330 Glass Screen Protector (single piece)
[5500-900100G] HT330 Trigger gun grip
[3210-900035G] HT330 Boot Case
[5100-900035G] HT330 4-slot battery cradle with Power Adapter
[1400-900067G] HT330 3.85V 5200mAh Li-ion battery