Primera LX2000

LX2000 Color Label Printer

Large, separate ink cartridges

Wide variety of substrates including paper, polyester, polypropylene and vinyl

Speeds of up to 6" (152mm) per second

Pigment inks for more durable labels

4800 dpi

Wired Ethernet, USB 2.0 and wireless connectivity

Built-in pizza-wheel cutter

 Operating systems: Windows® 7/8/10+ and Mac OS X 10.9+

[053464] LX2000e Black pigmented ink tank 68ml.
[053461] LX2000e Cyan pigmented ink tank 34ml.
[053462] LX2000e Magenta pigmented ink tank 34ml.
[053463] LX2000e Yellow pigmented ink tank 34ml.