Star TUP500 Series

Open frame kiosk printer

High speed, cost efficient, high quality thermal barcode, receipt, ticket kiosk printing solution.

Up to 220mm per second print speed with standard 15cm paper roll and 180mm per second using optional 25cm paper roll holder 

TUP542 without presenter is suitable for labels

Fully adjustable paper widths from 45 to 82.5mm with self centering width adjuster

Multi-position adjustable near end paper sensor

Bi-directional status check

Adjustable horizontal or vertical mounted control panel with extended cable lengths for full flexibility

Easy to load and maintain

[39470200] TUP542-24 thermal kiosk, 80mm, cutter, w/o I/F
[39470000] TUP592-24 thermal kiosk, 80mm, cutter & presenter, w/o I/F
[39591200] TUP500 spare snout w. LED flashing
[39607820] IFBD-HU07 option I/F USB TSP700/800/650/TUP500/TCP300
[39607211] IFBD-HC03 option I/F BD parralel TSP650/700 I&II/800/TUP500
[39590301] TUP500 option RHU-T500 large paper unit
[39607804] IFBD-HE07 option I/F LAN TSP700v2/TSP800v2/TSP828/TSP650/TUP500
[39607300] IFBD-HN03 option I/F RS232/DB9 TSP700 1&2/TSP800/TSP650/TUP500