Printronix T4000

The T4000 is a compact and affordable industrial printer with the ability to print 5,000 labels a day at speeds of up to 8" per second. The T4000 includes Printronix System Architecture (PSA), with multiple connectivity options, remote printer management tools and automated alerts.

[T42X4-200-0] T4000 Thermal Transfer Printer (203 dpi, 4" wide) Ethernet, USB, serial, USB host
[T43X4-200-0] Printronix T4000 Thermal Transfer Printer (4" wide, 300dpi)
[98-0720050-00LF] PLATEN for T4000 (98-0680014-00LF)
[98-0720046-00LF] SPINDLE, MEDIA for T4000