Unitech EA520

The EA520 is a robust smartphone that allows your customers to significantly improve their level of service.

The key specs are: 

    ✓ an Android 11 operating system with GMS certification

    ✓ Powerful 1D / 2D scanning capabilities with support for DPM codes

    ✓ a long-life replaceable 4000 mAh battery

    ✓ a 5-inch screen, a lightweight design that fits in the palm of a hand

[EA520-NAHFUM3G] EA520,2D Engine,Android,BT+WIFI+LTE(EU),Camera + GPS + HF + NFC,Unitech,Multi Language,Terminal+Battery+USB Charging Cable,Green
[5000-900100G] EA520 4-slot terminal charging cradle with 12V/5A power adapter
[3210-900032G] EA520 Wearable kit (with Bracket, Strap, Pad)
[401621G] EA520 9H glass screen protector_132.8mmx68.2mm w/ pre-installation fee
[5000-900093G] EA520 1-slot USB cradle
[1010-51C001G] Quick charge PSU EU for EA510 & EA520 (5V/3A)
[5400-900047G] EA520 9H glass screen protector w/ gift box (10pcs/ box)
[5000-900097G] EA520 vehicle cradle including USB type-C cable (1550-905919G) for 5V/2A power input (not included USB car charger (cigarette charger) needs output 5V/2A)
[5000-900092G] EA520 1-slot charging cradle W/O USB cable W/O PSU
[5400-900046G] EA520 Hand strap kit black
[3210-900031G] EA520 boot case
[5500-900097G] EA520 gun grip for EA520 without boot case on. *Compatible with charging (Pogo-Pin) and USB 1-slot cradle.
[UNITCARE-EA520-EM3] Emerald-3 year for EA520