Paceblade MDT-860

8'' In-Vehicle Terminal

Android 9

Incl. Vehicle cradle kit

UN ECE R.10.06 certified

Dialer / RJ45 / Canbus / M12 / Front NFC / Fixed audio/in out / MDM

Performance: 2.0 GHz Octa Core CPU

Data capture: 16MP Camera, NFC

Connectivity:  4G LTE / Bluetooth / WLAN

Ruggedness: IP67 / 1.2m droptest

[MDT-860-RJ45-TSC] PaceBlade MDT-860 w/ 4G/WiFi/BT/CAM/GPS/Dialer/Cam/Android 9 incl. vehicle docking with RJ-45 connector and top screw holes incl. metal plate/usb c cable/RAM screw mount/kensington lock/nfc testing card
[AR-VCC-V10-REV1] MDT860 - VCC Filter Box full housing open wires