Point Mobile PM30

4,7” Semi-Rugged PDA
Android 10

Extra Battery Case PMBooster (optional)

Fingerprint sensor integrated and optional UHF RFID reader (RF300)

Performance: Qualcomm snapdragon 2.2 GHz Octa Core CPU

Data capture: 1D/2D Barcode Scanner, 8 MP Camera, NFC, UHF RFID (optional)


Ruggedness: IP67 / 1.5 droptest

[RF300-00RY-2] PM30 - UHF reader - 900 Mhz (Bluetooth 4.0, Support NFC tap, IP-54, 1.5 meter droptest)
[PM30G6K03DHE0F] PM30 w/ 4G/WLAN/2D N2601SR/4GB/64GB/GPS/CAM/BT/NFC/FPR/Wireless Charging/Andr. 10
[851-BTSC] Point Mobile - RFID Gun STD battery 3250mAh (PM30/PM75/PM90/PM85)
[G01-012404-00] PM30 - Jelly Case
[PM30-TRGR] PM30 - Pistol Grip
[PM30-SSC0] PM30 - Single slot cradle with for PM30 with RF300 UHF reader (including AC/DC power adaptor) - Charging only
[PM30-2SC0-2] PM30 - Two slot cradle for PM30 only (including AC/DC power adaptor) - Charging only
[30-PMB1] PM30 - Extension battery case