Point Mobile PM45


Android 9.0

Fast Wifi Roaming

Hot swappable high capacity battery

Performance: Qualcomm snapdragon 1.8 GHz Octa Core CPU

Data capture: 13 MP Camera, NFC

Connectivity: 4G LTE / Bluetooth / WLAN / PTT
Ruggedness: IP67 / 1.2 m droptest


[PM45G6003BFE0C] PM45 w/ Wifi/BT, NFC, GSM/LTE, GPS, STD, FHD, 3G/32G, Android v9.0 GMS, Camera, SDM450, English OS
[DT3764] Leather holster incl. beltclip (PM45 - buttons on the sides)
[G01-010808-00] PM45 - EXT Battery cover
[G01-010821-00] PM45 - Screen Protector Kit (MOQ 10 pcs)
[45-BTSC] PM45 - STD battery, 2900mAh, Li-Ion Battery
[PM45-2SC0-2] PM45 - Two-Slot Cradle (incl. AC/DC power adaptor) - EU
[PM45-2SC] PM45 - Two-Slot Cradle (w/o AC/DC power adaptor & cable)
[45-BTEC] PM45 - EXT battery, 5800mAh, Li-Ion Battery
This product can't be returned or canceled