Athesi E6A

ROBUST 6" smart phone

IP67 - MIL-STD-810G

Processor : Qualcomm Cortex A53 2GHz octocore

Screen treated: for use in direct sunlight

Capacitive Touch Tech: 5 Points Industrial Multi Touch

Holds easily in the hand even with a 6-inch screen

Barcode reader  1D/2D

Communication modem  4G, GPS, wifi a/b/g/n/ac

RFID integrated


[AT-E6A2201] E6A Android 9, 4GoRAM, 64GoFlash, BT, Wifi, 4G LTE, GPS, NFC, 2D imager, GMS
[AT-E6A2001] E6 Android 9 4GoRAM, 64GoFlash, BT, Wifi, 4G LTE, GPS, NFC, GMS
[AT-E6A0001] E6A 6'' Android 5.1, 2/16, BT,Wifi, 4GLTE GPS, NFC
[AT-CAE6A801] Additional battery E6 Android 8,1 5000 mA 3,7V Li-ION Polymer
[AT-CAE605A] Screen protection for E6A
[AT-CAE606] Holster & belt clip for E6
[AT-CAE605] Screen protection for E6
[AT-CAE604] Back strap for E6
[AT-CAE603B] E6A & C Cradle w. additional battery
[AT-CAE603] E6A & C Cradle 2x with power supply
[AT-CAE601] E6 Additional Battery 5A 3,7V Li-ION Polymer
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